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A City For All Seasons – by Fiona Grant

I love Melbourne. I could go on and on about the wonders of one of the world’s most liveable cities. And I usually do. The fantastic food, the sporting events, such a commitment to the arts and oh the coffee! Yet, I’ve called London home for the past 7 years. Well, my mother did always […]

Fame and the Fallen Woman – by Lucy Watson

As embarrassing as this is to admit now, when I left school, I really wanted to be famous. I was a dedicated actor, and then realising I had the looks of a character/comedic actor (ie. I didn’t look like a model) I turned my hand at comedy. I had a dream. I wanted to be […]

On Tour – by Edna Sway

Touring. It’s a hell of a thing. I’ve been on a few different types of tours around Australia and below is a quick list of things that I’ve experienced during this time. Ok, here goes: Flying, driving, trying to get as much sleep wherever you can, learning how to sleep, sleeping in parks, not showering, […]

My Old Hoodie – by Aidan “Taco” Jones

My favourite article of clothing for the past five years has been a huge fluorescent hoodie. The bright reds, purples, blues, greens, and yellows cascade down its whole length in thin, irregular slivers, and the interior is the most obnoxiously bright shade of fluoro yellow – like a workman’s high-vis jacket. It was given to […]

Tom Walker @ MICF 2018 – by Julian Callinan

TOM WALKER – Honk Honk Honk Honk Honk Unfortunately this show had a few technical difficulties on the night, but Tom Walker barrelled through them with his manic energy, convincingly working it into the show. The nature of the show and his delivery makes such difficulties fit in nicely, even, as his ramshackle charm and […]

Claire Hooper @ MICF 2018 – by Julian Callinan

CLAIRE HOOPER – All the Rage Claire Hooper’s deceptively casual style conceals that her show this year is like one of those paper fortune tellers, as she keeps unfolding and rearranging her material, showing different perspectives and resolutions. She expertly takes the audience through a show about her inappropriate anger and makes it hilarious, grounding […]

DeAnne Smith @ MICF 2018 – by Julian Callinan

DEANNE SMITH – Worth It First of all, DeAnne Smith would like it to be known that, despite what the blurb might say, the show ‘Worth It’ isn’t about money, or financial systems, or the economy. Secondly, that the show isn’t ‘weird’ but did ‘make the audience so overjoyed they demanded an encore’. Really, the […]

Guy Montgomery @ MICF 2018 – by Julian Callinan

GUY MONTGOMERY – Guy Montgomery Doesn’t Check His Phone for an Hour Starting with some strong observational humour that worked well with his intro music, the affable Montgomery slips into a narrative so subtly you don’t realise it’s happening until halfway through. With a strong grasp of the room and a frequently charming turn of phrase, […]

Joel Creasey @ MICF 2018 – by Julian Callinan

JOEL CREASEY – Blonde Bombshell Joel Creasey’s show was so well put-together that even the outro music enhanced the jokes. Speaking rapidly and dropping frequent references as asides, Creasey performed his show to a crossover audience with aplomb and a few deserved pauses for applause. It’s a style that would be trying if he didn’t […]