A Guide to Healthy Living – by Lucy Watson

You are not your weight. You are not “what you eat”. You are what you experience, what you feel, what you make, what you do, what you say, how you love.   Eat healthy food, because it is delicious. Understand your food and what is in it, because unprocessed, real food is a joy. Exercise […]

Confessions of a Crap Runner – by Lucy Watson

In my whole life I was only ever really good at two sports – softball and rollerblading. In high school I was catcher for the As softball team. I had very muscly thighs, which were also pumped to max rock hardness by my rad rollerblading skillz. Seriously, I could go in the bowl and shit. […]

Always Hawthorn – by Stacey Mahon

 My favourite day of the year is almost here. I’ve got my crew organised, my outfit picked out and washed, and a make-up artist ready to go. And of course by “make-up artist” I mean the lovely ladies at The G with the brown and yellow face paint. I also may be lying about my […]

Purple Prick or Poo & Wee? – by Tom Watson

If the question in the title makes no sense to you whatsoever then I am afraid you are frighteningly unprepared for one of the social events of the season – the Grand Final Day barbeque. But fear not my beloved readers. Your faithful expert on the weird and wonderful world of sport is here to […]

FIFO Fun for an Easy Rider – by Tom Watson

Night falls over this heaving cosmopolitan metropolis and a bead of sweat trickles from my forehead. The lights of Southbank are shining brightly, and the Crown flame throwers hard at work wasting natural resources under the guise of wonder and entertainment, as I pedal briskly to keep pace with my travelling partners. I had only […]