Goonies, Grunge and the Lost Generation – by Rebecca Pickett

To me 1979 will always be two very important things – a song by the Smashing Pumpkins, and the year I was born. This also means I was born on the verge of an important cultural shift; a generational cusp. The 80’s brought us Madonna, personal computers, new wave music and the fall of the […]

Taxis, Ubers and the Bitter Pill – by Lucy Watson

Ok, so it’s a Friday night, and you’re a bit thirsty. This a perfectly reasonable thing for you to be feeling – it’s the weekend. You’ve had a tough week at work and you’d just like to unwind. So imagine you walk into a bar. After all, bars serve drinks, don’t they? And drinks are […]

Stubble in Paradise – by Rebecca Pickett

On the 2nd July 2015, an eruption from an Indonesian volcano sent the lives of thousands of Australians into disarray. They could not even deal. Their perfect plans had been thwarted. What ensued in the following weeks can only be summed up one way: #Bogangate2015 How DARE you God/Mother Nature? Why couldn’t you just let […]

MICF 2015: Reviews #15 – by Julian Callinan

Tripod: This Gaming Life, with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra I’ve seen a lot of good shows this year, but this is the first one I would describe as majestic. Of course, that’s pretty much because they have a symphony orchestra backing them up, but it means that Tripod’s songs feel that much more grand even […]

MICF 2015: Reviews #14 – by Julian Callinan

Hannah Gadsby, Donkey This year, in a self-described departure from her usual focus, Hannah Gadsby’s show focusses not on depression and related topics, but ADHD and related topics instead. Bringing her usual flair for laconic, non-observational comedy, Gadsby expertly shepherds the audience through her mindset and memories, making for a very funny hour where any […]

MICF 2015: Reviews #13 – by Julian Callinan

Rod Quantock & Fiona Scott-Norman, Drivetime with Two Leggy Redheads Two Leggy Redheads felt like a live radio show or podcast, as Rod Quantock and Fiona Scott-Norman (with piano accompaniment by Casey Bennetto in the show I saw) sanguinely interview comedians and people who work behind the scenes at the festival, while also giving moments […]

MICF 2015: Reviews #12 – by Lucy Watson

Claire Sullivan Space Cadet Claire Sullivan is definitely an original, and you can’t help but love her. In a comedic landscape of conventions and narrative structures, of set ups and punchlines, Sullivan erupts onto the stage like a whirlwind, and blasts away any preconceived notions of who or what comedy should be. She is charming, […]

MICF 2015: Reviews #11 – by Julian Callinan

After seeing the travel-centric Wander Women (as ably reviewed by Lucy Watson), my evening continued on a heavily comedic theme.   Cal Wilson, Undercurrents Cal Wilson believes we’re all swans, paddling furiously under ostensibly serene countenances. Or, if not swans, then at least swanlike constructions. Her quick wit and cheery demeanour belies an occasionally dark […]

MICF 2015: Reviews #10 – by Lucy Watson

Lauren Bok, Chelsea Hughes & Megan Mckay Wander Women I saw Wander Women on opening night, and for a sketch show this usually means trying out material in front of an audience for the first time. With that in mind, the ladies of Wander Women (Lauren Bok, Chelsea Hughes & Megan Mckay) were confident and […]

MICF 2015: Reviews #9 – by Lucy Watson

Dilruk Jayasinha, Immigrateful Dil is one of the warmest and most endearing acts on the circuit, even when he is sharing stories of his own narcissism, or gently abusing an audience member for sneezing and messing up his timing. He has always been a great storyteller (I can still vividly remember stories he has told in shows […]