MICF 2015: Reviews #13 – by Julian Callinan

Rod Quantock & Fiona Scott-Norman, Drivetime with Two Leggy Redheads

Rod Quantock and Fiona Scott-Norman

Two Leggy Redheads felt like a live radio show or podcast, as Rod Quantock and Fiona Scott-Norman (with piano accompaniment by Casey Bennetto in the show I saw) sanguinely interview comedians and people who work behind the scenes at the festival, while also giving moments for some of their guests to perform material. Their intent is to provide a taster of some of the acts available, and both the double act of Jonestown and final musical guests Tripod, as well as chat guests Bennetto and Gillian Cosgriff, got a chance to do just that while also discussing their comedy. The whole thing is a very low-key, somewhat ramshackle affair, the whole attitude casual and the hosts doing a good job of getting their guests to shine. As we enter the final week its value as a taster is more questionable, but considering how dependent it is on their guests, it could be one of the venues to actually see a performer you enjoy talking about comedy rather than simply performing it.

Not for the punctilious or the bony-arsed.

Drivetime with Two Leggy Redheads has two more shows in the Spiegeltent, Saturday 18th of April at 2 pm and Sunday 19th of April at 4.30 pm.
Show is intended to run 70 minutes.



Lawrence Leung, The Escapist

Lawrence Leung

Lawrence Leung’s shows in the past have often involved a large multimedia component, so it was somewhat of a surprise to see that this year he’s working with only an adorned hat-stand and a box. This is all he needs, however, to start telling his story of growing up awkward and loving magic, interspersed with talking about the greatest escapist who ever lived, Houdini. Leung’s an easily confident performer by now, walking the stage and colouring his show with a big grin and engaging attitude which puts over even those few Dad jokes that are in the show. And considering he has been on TV exploring magic and his affinity for it, the show is still an original hour, finding a way to explore the same topic in his typically funny and enthusiastic fashion without simply doubling up his material. He’s thoughtful about what it takes to entertain, and it shows. It’s always been a pleasure to see a Lawrence Leung show in the past, and this year is no exception.

Not for the crusading or the aggressively muggle.

The Escapist is on until the end of the Festival at Trades Hall, Tuesday to Saturday at 8.15 pm, Sunday at 7.15 pm.
Show runs for 60 minutes.



Andrew McClelland, Overdressed and Underwhelmed

Andrew McLelland

It is possible to enjoy Andy McClelland’s show more than I did; after all, I was sat next to a man who shouted out a lot but didn’t appear to laugh once, and I spent most of the show expecting him to yell loudly in my ear at any given moment. If you don’t get a shouty man, however, you will love this show, where McClelland’s usual abundance of charm and good humour is on full display in a delightful hour of comedy. With infectious joy and hilarious stories he kept the room (with one possible exception) gleeful the entire hour. His high charisma and energy and terrific material made it possible to luxuriate in the atmosphere of laughter despite the distraction, and he was able to engage with and yet quieten the audience easily as the show continued. A real highlight of a show, even without a demonstration of his now award-winning lip-syncing skills.

Not for the anti-dandy or people who don’t like knowing the comedian is aware he is performing a show for you.

Overdressed and Underwhelmed is on until the end of the Festival at Trades Hall, Tuesday to Saturday at 9.45pm and Sunday at 8.45 pm.
Show runs 60 minutes.


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