MICF 2015: Reviews #14 – by Julian Callinan

Hannah Gadsby, Donkey

Hannah Gadsby

This year, in a self-described departure from her usual focus, Hannah Gadsby’s show focusses not on depression and related topics, but ADHD and related topics instead. Bringing her usual flair for laconic, non-observational comedy, Gadsby expertly shepherds the audience through her mindset and memories, making for a very funny hour where any distraction is part of the show. It’s a knowing, well-modulated show that veers dark but never veers into non-humour, and made for a highly entertaining hour with the requisite big finish. Very entertaining.

Not for anyone looking for jokes about donkeys or hypochondriacs.

Hannah Gadsby is on until the end of the Festival at the Town Hall, Tuesday through Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 6 pm.
Show runs for 60 minutes.


Nick Cody, Beard Game Strong

Nick Cody

Though heat and moths may cause a minor distraction, especially at the start of his show, Nick Cody soon lands into his groove and delivers a solid show in a very Australian style. Engaging, direct and deceptively enthusiastic, Cody’s parents and past performances for the military contribute to some strong material, and his crowd work avoids the potential pitfalls that come to comedians who actually ask questions of the audience they want to know the answer to. He’s warm and blokey and yes, his beard game is very strong, long may it reign. A solid, friendly performance in a sometimes demanding venue.

Not for anyone who thinks curse words are unpleasant or that rap is the devil’s music.

Nick Cody is on until the end of the Festival at ACMI, Tuesday through Saturday at 8.30 pm and Sunday at 7.30 pm.
Show runs for 60 minutes.


Watson, Who’s Afraid of the Dark


The best part about this show – or one of the many best parts – is experiencing everything without forewarning. So all a potential audience member needs to know is that it’s spooky stories and horror-comedy that suits being in the Old Melbourne Gaol very well, and that it’s an absolute ripper of a show. Inventive, exciting and always funny, it’s an exhilarating experience and incredibly highly recommended, the sort of show that people tell their friends afterwards, “Just trust me, go.” Masterful and essential, and perhaps don’t bring a bag, but do bring a coat.

Not for the aggressively skeptical or anyone who can’t remember how to say Benedict Cumberbatch.

Watson is sold out, but if you’re very lucky they’ll put on more shows; currently there’s only one at the Old Melbourne Gaol on Sunday at 9 pm.
Show runs for 80 minutes.


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