MICF 2015: Reviews #9 – by Lucy Watson

Dilruk Jayasinha, Immigrateful


Dil is one of the warmest and most endearing acts on the circuit, even when he is sharing stories of his own narcissism, or gently abusing an audience member for sneezing and messing up his timing. He has always been a great storyteller (I can still vividly remember stories he has told in shows gone by) but in the last couple of years he has started to embrace what makes him stand out from the comedy pack – his heritage. While you can understand why he didn’t want to rely on his cultural background to make his mark, it is the stories of his family, growing up in Sri Lanka, and observations of moving to Australia 10 years ago that linger in your memory, and create a lasting impact. Always funny and confident, with years on the scene under his belt, this year he has also started to use his unique point of view to create a show with razor sharp political and social commentary, and I really look forward to seeing where he takes this. He’s maturing into a real comic voice who I look forward to seeing every year.


Tue-Sat 7pm
Sun 6pm


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