DeAnne Smith @ MICF 2018 – by Julian Callinan


First of all, DeAnne Smith would like it to be known that, despite what the blurb might say, the show ‘Worth It’ isn’t about money, or financial systems, or the economy. Secondly, that the show isn’t ‘weird’ but did ‘make the audience so overjoyed they demanded an encore’. Really, the show is a little weird; not much, and in a good way, but Smith takes a more holistic approach to comedy, engaging in some benign audience interaction and conversational digressions that makes it feel more akin to communication than simple performance. High-energy and, of course, very funny, she seemed surprised and delighted by the directions the show went, even as it was being expertly shepherded to where it needed to go. It made the tightly-packed audience feel united in reacting, whether with frequent laughter or the occasional gasps of anticipation.
Energetic and engaging.

Greek Centre, 29th March to 22nd of April, no Mondays. 7pm Tuesdays to Saturdays, 6 pm Sundays.



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