Other Duties As Required – by Bethany Macdonald

My job description as an esteemed public servant has always included the ambiguous clause ‘other duties as required’. Whilst this is suitably vague enough to cover all manner of tasks, the most common seems to be posing in photo shoots where we can’t afford to pay real models. My face has appeared on promotional materials […]

The Hardest Word – by Lucy Watson

Quite a few of my friends have been going through tough times, of late. Only, unlike speed bumps in the past, their recent troubles have shaken them to the very core. Because it would seem that there is a moment in life, often around our early thirties, where the armour we used throughout our twenties […]

From Mexico with Sole – with Teresa Truda

Teresa Truda is a Melbourne based digital specialist who (with her business partner Zia Word) recently decided to turn a search for a really good pair of Mexican boots into a business importing quality Mexican shoes into Australia, by creating online company PataPata. Teresa talks to us about how a passion for good shoes, and […]

Surprise! Unemployment – by Aidan “Taco” Jones

Tuesday is my favourite day of the week for one very simple reason: on Tuesday my friends Luka, Blake, and I run a weekly comedy night at the Rochester, which means we get to hang out at the pub all afternoon, go flyer (can be fun), watch, and sometimes do comedy in front of a […]

Technology Is Great, Just Don’t Bank On It – by Bethany Macdonald

As I stood in the queue at the bank and watched a woman try to load $1,400 worth of coins into the Coin Deposit Machine, I felt a little sorry for her. It seemed like a time-consuming process, kind of like playing to pokies but with even worse odds. Every time she put money in, it […]

Cashed Up, Crazy, Cool – by Rebecca Pickett

Two years ago I moved from Perth to Melbourne. Same company, same job, different city. People will sometimes say to me “Does anyone still use travel agents?”, to which I then reply, smiling – iPhone on table, drinking my jar of organic rooftop cider and waiting for the beardy man to deliver my delicious pulled […]

On Tour – by Edna Sway

Touring. It’s a hell of a thing. I’ve been on a few different types of tours around Australia and below is a quick list of things that I’ve experienced during this time. Ok, here goes: Flying, driving, trying to get as much sleep wherever you can, learning how to sleep, sleeping in parks, not showering, […]