Joel Creasey @ MICF 2018 – by Julian Callinan

JOEL CREASEY – Blonde Bombshell

Joel Creasey’s show was so well put-together that even the outro music enhanced the jokes. Speaking rapidly and dropping frequent references as asides, Creasey performed his show to a crossover audience with aplomb and a few deserved pauses for applause. It’s a style that would be trying if he didn’t have such charm, wit, and a strong line in self-deprecation, making sure that he’s as frequently the butt of the joke as he is the acerbic commentator. His shows act as a catch-up with the audience, telling this room full of new confidantes what he’s been up to the last year (releasing a book, hosting Eurovision, appearing on Neighbours), living his best life while making sure to include the gory, self-effacing details. There are jokes, and he’s very funny, but it’s really his way with the stories of his experiences that makes him so successful. And he treats the movie Mean Girls as the holy book that it is. Polished and delightful.

Fairfax Theatre, Arts Centre. 29th March to 22nd of April, no Mondays. Tuesday to Saturday at 7.30 pm, Sundays 6.30 pm.


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