Dear Conservatives – by Lucy Watson

Dear Conservative Right Wing, Sorry to interrupt you. I know you’re very busy reading Andrew Bolt, and listening to Alan Jones. But I would just like to thank you. For through your insightful social commentary both online, and through other forms of media (and policy) you have shown me the error of my ways. I had […]

10 Things Mum Should Know About Me. But Doesn’t – by T. Little

Actually, there might be more than 10 here: 1. I am in a happy relationship. With a woman. 2. I don’t have as many friends as you think I do. 3. I am no longer a child, and hate that I am categorised as one with my nieces. 4. I can make sensible decisions. And […]

Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last – by Lucy Watson

Dear nice guys, Let me start by saying that I’m your biggest fan. To me, there is nothing more attractive than a thoughtful, kind hearted man who genuinely cares about and respects women. It’s a rare and beautiful thing. So I want to take a moment to dispel the biggest myth a lot of you […]

My Old Hoodie – by Aidan “Taco” Jones

My favourite article of clothing for the past five years has been a huge fluorescent hoodie. The bright reds, purples, blues, greens, and yellows cascade down its whole length in thin, irregular slivers, and the interior is the most obnoxiously bright shade of fluoro yellow – like a workman’s high-vis jacket. It was given to […]

Fame and the Fallen Woman – by Lucy Watson

As embarrassing as this is to admit now, when I left school, I really wanted to be famous. I was a dedicated actor, and then realising I had the looks of a character/comedic actor (ie. I didn’t look like a model) I turned my hand at comedy. I had a dream. I wanted to be […]

A Place To Call Home – by Rebecca Chanock

When editor and zeitgeist maker Lucy Watson asked me to be one of the voices of Melbourne for the launch issue of In Batmania, my head filled with nostalgic yearnings for Linda and Spike and the barely repressed sexual tension of the newsroom (any other 90s kids noticed that it’s increasingly hard to separate your […]

The Art of Kombi-nism – by Mike Shackleton

Everything old is new again, in Batmania. This is demonstrated by the Batmanian’s desire to seek out vintage clothing, furniture and electronics.  Perhaps these desires indicate that we are a nostalgic people. Or maybe we’ve realised it’s fun to have a few things around that have demonstrated their ability to withstand the test of time. […]

The Real (John) Batman – by Bethany Macdonald

As was custom, before my colleague Jon finished working with us he made a contribution to the wall of ‘Favourite characters in Victoria’s history’. Not like these new fandangled Facebook walls, this was an old-school coloured paper and blu-tack job, with an envelope of slips waiting to be filled out when new characters were discovered. […]

Table for One – by Lucy Watson

  “Table for one, please.” A phrase that seems to instill panic and the fear of seering judgement in many. As if the idea of sitting alone in a public space will deem them outcasts, pariahs. The girl who ate her lunch alone in the school library. The boy who had no friends. “I could […]