10 Things Mum Should Know About Me. But Doesn’t – by T. Little

Woman removing maskActually, there might be more than 10 here:

1. I am in a happy relationship. With a woman.

2. I don’t have as many friends as you think I do.

3. I am no longer a child, and hate that I am categorised as one with my nieces.

4. I can make sensible decisions. And do.

5. I can make silly decisions. And do. And can deal with the consequences.

6. I am an adult.

7. I like to do different things, try different things, and travel. And that’s ok.

8. I have a cat and I like her a lot. Her name is Tay.

9. I find it hard to clean my house often, but that’s fine as I enjoy investing time in my life.

10. I don’t like making excuses for my Dad, and think you shouldn’t.

11. I have my own mind.

12. I tried the drums a few times and didn’t like it, so I stopped. And all fine too.

13. I am not spending Christmas at home this year.

14. I stand for truth and honesty yet don’t tell you it always in fear of judgment.

15. I’m afraid of abandonment.

16. You were so good to me when I was little. And now, you are too, but only if my life is on your terms. And that’s unfair.

17. We could have a much better relationship than we do. I have reached out to you. It’s up to you now.

18. I’ve been seeing a psychologist for almost a year now. Best thing I’ve ever done. Mental health is so important.

19. It shits me you have never once in the whole two years wanted to see my house.

20. You have created and nurtured me into a good person. And you should be proud.

21. I love you, and appreciate you no matter what. Wish you could feel the same.


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