Geraldine Quinn @ MICF 2018 – by Julian Callinan


As part of her introduction, Geraldine Quinn is described as underrated, and I definitely think that’s true. Her stand-up is interspersed with some delightful songs as she performs, her

glamour and charisma shining through even as she describes soggy carpet and severe injuries. With a back-up of two and a compelling progression from Xanadu to the present day, Quinn makes the most of her time on stage to wow the audience with her talent for singing and songwriting. It’s a show about picking yourself up after falling down, and she does that with style, skill, and some perfect Melbourne references. Delightful and indubitable.

10th to 22nd of April, (no 16th or 18th), Coopers Malthouse, 8.30 pmĀ (7.30 Sundays)

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