MICF 2015: Reviews #7 – by Julian Callinan

Harley Breen, Just A Fully Naked Encounter

harley breen

Harley Breen has an exuberant energy that even a somewhat muted audience can’t stifle, and since the audience I was in seemed unwilling to commit to a number of his stories he had a bit of an uphill battle in getting his laughs. While ostensibly the show involves confronting a fear, the show is more the usual enjoyable update of Breen’s life as a touring comic with a young son and a fondness for certain additives. He has a welcoming presence and cheerfully open style that usually strikes home more often than it did the night I saw him; if the line before the show was any indication, a number were disconcerted that the promise of nudity in the show’s title might even theoretically be fulfilled.

Not for anyone who fears atheists or your work colleagues who don’t know comedy but are weighing heavy expectations on you that this one show will validate the entire form… I might have heard.

Harley Breen is on at the Town Hall from March 26th to April 19th, Tuesdays to Saturdays at 7pm and Sundays at 6 pm.
Show runs for 60 minutes.


Nath Valvo, Happy Idiot

nath valvo

Nath Valvo’s realisation that people who don’t know anything are happier is the basis for his new show, which along with being very funny also gives him ample time and evidence to prove this idea. He’s terrifically engaged with his audience, bringing them close into a confident exploration of his theme, and it worked wonderfully; the universality of his observations rung true even as it became evident that my childhood, for example, had been quite different from his. It was like one of those great times at the pub when you’re with friends finding out those obscure things you have in common, and it felt like the audience left the show all a little bit in love with him and his comedic confidence. If the show hadn’t ended it felt like he could have gone on for hours. Very enjoyable.

Not for prefect haters or uncomfortable mothers of sons who would rather finish their meal than be on time.

Nath Valvo is on at the Portland Hotel from March 26th so April 19th, Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8.30 pm and Sundays at 7.30 pm.
Show runs for 55 minutes.


Ryan Coffey, Heartbreaker

Ryan Coffey

Ryan Coffey is very talented musically, and along with a repertoire of fantastic songs he’s been working with the last few years, this year he has a show with a lot more traditional standup. With his self-described hipster appearance and swaggerish appeal, he uses his agility and talent to hold the audience in beaming thrall of the sort that elicits loud applause and sore cheeks. What has in previous years been more patter between funny songs was, this festival, a show with half songs and half conventional standup, and both parts killed on the night. Another delightful hour from Coffey that deserves to be seen more.

Not for anyone afraid of your larger beards or people with pedal phobias.

Ryan Coffey is on at the Forum Theatre from March 26th to April 19th, Tuesdays to Saturdays at 9.45 pm and Sundays at 8.45 pm.
Show runs for 55 minutes.


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