MICF 2015: Reviews #6 – by Lucy Watson

Dave Bloustien
The Tinder Profile of Dorian Gray

dave b

After a few shows that have hit me in the face like a typhoon this year, Dave’s gentle, considered storytelling is a breath of fresh air. With years of live comedy experience, he deftly and patiently kindles a slow-to-laugh audience with poise, and warmth. His material is definitely strong, and the laughs prevalent, I think we just happened to be in a crowd who missed some of his more highbrow jokes. As a result, I enjoyed some loud solo cackles, which I was happy to provide as I love a bit of literature or history based comedy (ehem nerd). As the story began to unfold though, he confidently won the crowd over, with a genuine and vocal enthusiasm emanating from the audience at the conclusion. The show itself is beautifully structured, with a satisfying narrative. It’s the perfect show for taking a date (with its romantic themes), or someone who finds aggressive or in-your-face comedy a bit much. A measured, sensitive and intellectual comedian, with impressive sideburns, Dave is the thinking comedy fan’s crumpet.

The Upstairs Lounge @ Little Sista

Tue-Sun 7.30pm


Paco Erhard
Worst. German. Ever.


I first saw Paco years ago at a little stand up night in London, and I knew even then he had something special. Since then I have watched his profile grow from afar, until last night, when I got to witness the full glory that is the Paco Erhard show – and what a show. Not afraid to tackle the big issues – nationalism, religion, war, humanity – his material is insightful, powerful and confident, and he manages to have a strong message without ramming anything down anyone’s throat. And he’s funny. So very funny. He is larger than life, and fills the room with a huge personality, but he’s also self deprecating, with a razor sharp wit. He’s like an amazing, well travelled dinner party guest, holding court, and talking about the state of the world. And it’s glorious. The show is perfect for anyone who has travelled a lot, and knows their Berlin from their Belgium. But he also has enough clever Australian based material that it would really be great for anyone who loves a big belly laugh.

The Downstairs Lounge @ Grand Mercure Hotel
Tue-Sun 9pm


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