Kelly Fastuca @ MICF 2018 – by Julian Callinan

KELLY FASTUCA – Smokin’ Kelly Fastuca has given up smoking, but her show isn’t about receiving plaudits or being smug. Instead, it’s a rambunctious trip through vices and the means with which to cope with them, wrapped in an absorbingly confessional style. There’s a lot to like about her embrace of personal revelations mined for […]

MICF 2015: Reviews #11 – by Julian Callinan

After seeing the travel-centric Wander Women (as ably reviewed by Lucy Watson), my evening continued on a heavily comedic theme.   Cal Wilson, Undercurrents Cal Wilson believes we’re all swans, paddling furiously under ostensibly serene countenances. Or, if not swans, then at least swanlike constructions. Her quick wit and cheery demeanour belies an occasionally dark […]