Reclaiming the F Word – by Lucy Watson

Feminism. For a long time it has been a dirty word. Women too afraid to label themselves as one for fear of being called a man-hater, or ugly and bitter about not being able to get a man. But things are changing. And recently the pace has really been picking up. More and more celebrities […]

The Myth of the Cool Girl – by Lucy Watson

“I just want a girl who’s really cool.” Guys, I’ve heard a lot of you say this when describing the kind of girl you want to be with. On the surface this sounds great. You want a girl who’s interesting and fun and intelligent. You want a girl who is passionate about something cool, like […]

How to Lose Your Soul by Summer – by Lucy Watson

The other day I left my book at home. Not a disaster, true. But on this particular night, I had no social plans and I wanted to take myself out for dinner on the way home from work. I do this a fair bit, as I enjoy eating in restaurants alone, for various reasons. Anyway, […]