Claire Hooper @ MICF 2018 – by Julian Callinan

CLAIRE HOOPER – All the Rage Claire Hooper’s deceptively casual style conceals that her show this year is like one of those paper fortune tellers, as she keeps unfolding and rearranging her material, showing different perspectives and resolutions. She expertly takes the audience through a show about her inappropriate anger and makes it hilarious, grounding […]

MICF 2015: Reviews #5 – by Jullian Callinan

Judith Lucy, Ask No Questions of the Moth The traffic to the show was a nightmare, we discovered, as Judith Lucy greeted the latecomers in some ice-breaking crowd work. And we all applauded Philomena, who had left her husband of 45 years last year because he had objected to her spending money at Savers. This […]