Wombats poop in cubes

Not only is a wombat the kind of playa that eats roots and leaves, but they’re also likely to deposit a cube of shit on the way out. That’s right. A CUBE! How’s that for gangster? How these bad boy marsupials came to have square shaped buttholes is unclear, but at least if you ever […]

Cows can’t climb down stairs

Due to extreme vertigo, or maybe the construction of their legs, cows can’t climb down stairs. Neither can donkeys. Goats can climb fucking sheer cliff faces, so I’m assuming stairs are no worries.  Cows can climb up stairs though, apparently. Which was handy in Mayan times, when they wanted to sacrifice cows to the Gods […]

Sharks can’t stop swimming

Sharks can’t stop swimming, or they DIE!! It is imperative that water moves over their gills constantly, so they can’t stop swimming ever. No naps. No chilling out on a nice patch of coral. Whether they also like listening to the 90s pop hit Don’t Stop Moving by SClub7 is unknown, although highly probable. Spurious FactsIs it […]

If you put a tooth in a glass of Coca Cola it dissolves overnight

We all know Coca Cola is bad for you, right? It has like 16 spoonfuls of sugar in it. You can use it to clean rust off metals. Frankly it would be better for you if it still had cocaine in it. But did you know that if you put a tooth in a glass […]

You can survive purely on Guinness

There are many tall tales to come out of the Emerald Isle; leprechauns and pots of gold, that Westlife are credible musicians, that the rhythm method is effective contraception. One of my favourites is that Guinness has just enough nutrients in it, that if you only consumed Ireland’s favourite stout, and nothing else, you could […]

The guy who invented the segway died when he accidentally drove off a cliff… on a segway.

While I don’t wish death or misfortune on anyone, we’ve all gotta go sometime. So why not get taken out by the very thing that made you famous? It’s a bit like Steve Irwin being killed by a stingray, or Elon Musk being run over by his own ego. Spurious FactsIs it true? Is it […]

100% Australian Beef is a trademark

McDonalds aren’t shy in claiming that their burgers are made from 100% Australian beef. Because when people eat Maccas, they’re really conscious of things like providence and organic, sustainable food miles ‘n stuff.) But some hippy, vegan, science boffins ran some tests, and apparently that delicious meat patty isn’t made from 100% Australian beef at […]